Ep 41: Joe List

September 27, 2018

Fresh off a Netflix half hour, comedian Joe List talks to us about his sobriety and the feeling that you get is gratitude. Meditation, Buddhism and a sprinkling of meetings keep Joe on the Spiritual Highway. Listen to this insightful and really funny episode. And as always, subscribe and share.

Episode 40: Melanie Vesey

August 1, 2018
We speak to comedian and actress Melanie Vesey, who arrived in New York City by herself as a teenager, back in the wild days of NYC when Time Square was filled with smut huts not Stone Cold Creamerys. She eventually sobered up in the city and that's when her story really gets crazy. 
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Episode 39: White Males are #1

July 25, 2018

Episode 39: White Males are #1, at least when it comes to suicide in the United States, but suicide as a whole is up across the country. The CDC reports that suicide has increased by 30% and now accounts for over 45,000 deaths a year. We talk about some of the causes through jokes and laughter. 

Links to all of the articles we discussed this episode:
Kate Spade/Robin Williams obsession 
Werther Effect
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
Media Coverage and high profile celebrity coverage:
Bourdain and Alcoholism (compliments of Mrs. Moses)
Statistics on Addiction and Suicide
Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide

Episode 38: Comedian Dave Landau

July 17, 2018

From Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening, and the second seat on The Anthony Cumia Show. This week Owen and John talk to Dave Landau about what it was like growing up outside of Detroit and his 13 arrests. Dave has a great story filled with tragedy and comedy. 

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Ep 37: Comedian Ashley Austin Morris

July 10, 2018
Owen and John are back, this time forever. We speak with comedian and actress Ashley Morris, she's been sober awhile now and is big proponent of the program. You know the program, the anonymous one. It's a really funny conversation with a whole lot of God talk. 
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Episode 36: To The Wives

March 14, 2018

Owen and John talk about the rigidity in AA and the refusal to update the Big Book. Even with something as ridiculous as the chapter in To The Wives. 

Ep:35 Social Media Addiction

February 12, 2018
Owen and John talk about social media addiction and the impact it is having on people's self esteem and ability to focus. But first Owen has a friend that needs help so Owen begrudgingly drags him to a meeting. 
Links for the episode:
Former Google ethicist Tristan Harris 
Great three minute cartoon recalling some science behind it. 
Quit Social Media - Dr. Cal New Port
Six Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction
Seven Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook

Episode 34: Am I An Alcoholic?

January 23, 2018
Owen and John talk to comedian Kyle Ploof, who recently went 100 days without drinking with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. Now the question remains. Is Kyle even an alcoholic? 
Links For The Episode:
Sober Grid (App): https://www.sobergrid.com

Episode 33: America’s Opioid Epidemic

January 16, 2018

There are more deaths attributed to overdoses in America than guns and cars. Owen and John discuss the 60 Minutes Episode that tracks the distribution of drugs all the way up the chain to big pharma companies and how congress passed laws to protect them, not the people. 


Episode 32: Quit Smoking

December 31, 2017
Happy New Year everybody! Owen and John talk about resolutions and the difficulty of quitting smoking. It's been 11 years since Owen quit and he still craves it all of the time. 
Links to articles discussed this episode:
The weird guy that made John laugh - http://whyquit.com/NewYears2005.html