Episode 25: The Truth About Alcohol

October 24, 2017
Owen and John Netflix and chill to a documentary called the "Truth About Alcohol" which they find out is far different than the truth about alcoholism. 
Here are links to the articles we discussed:
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Episode 24: Can Addiction Help With Creativity?

October 17, 2017

We discuss the link between addiction and creativity. And of course start wondering if we should start doing drugs again to help to tune up a couple of jokes. And how high is high really? 


Here are links to the articles we discussed:

Writers, Mental Illness, and Addiction - Andrew Scott


Is There a Link Between Creativity and Addiction? - Some Idiot

https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/is-there-a-link-between-creativity-and-addiction/  n/ ew yay

Why Creativity Is Risky Business - Galen Guengerich Ph.D.

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-search-meaning/201402/why-creativity-is-risky-busines     ycts

Marijuana As Muse - Jasen Talise



Episode 23: We’re Back!

October 10, 2017
After a long hiatus, Owen and John are back. Owen is Married and John is about to become a homeowner. I guess life does get better, slowly, very, very, very slowly. And our absolute favorite, Celebrity Deaths.
Here are links to the articles we discussed as well as other things we're finding to be helpful:
Drinking by The Numbers - Bonnie Tsui
And here are the apps we for meditation:
Headspace - www.headspace.com
10 Percent Happier - http://www.10percenthappier.com

Episode 22: White Man God

December 13, 2016

Owen and John are in Boston talking to Ryan Cott. Ryan, has been booking comedy clubs in Boston for 15 years and that meant finding coke for comics and then partying before, during and after hours. He is now three years sober, and still in the business. How do you stay sober when you're the guy behind the bar? 


Episode 21: Stoic Week Results

December 2, 2016

Owen and John discuss neutropics, Anthony Weiner's sex addiction and finally the results from Stoic Week. Meditations morning, noon and night. Or at least as close as they could come. 


Episode 20: Richie Redding

November 22, 2016
We talk to our friend, comedian Richie Redding. How do you stay sober on a tour bus with Katt Williams? Don't breathe! We talk to Richie about hitting meetings on the road, and the meeting that he and Owen used to go to. 
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Episode 19: Laura Silverman - Sobriety Collective

November 9, 2016
Laura Silverman is the founder of the Sobriety Collective a blog and sober resource hub that links to other cool blogs and podcasts. Laura's sobriety started with an Intensive Outpatient Program where she was introduced to AA. After a couple of years in the program she diverged and sought a different path. Sober nine years she only goes back to AA once a year to get her coin. 

Episode 18: Rich Vos

October 28, 2016

Comedian Rich Vos is an absolute riot, on and off the stage. He can be seen on HBO, Showtime, Starz, Jimmy Kimmel and Comedy Central where he has two specials. Vos could be heard regularly on Opie and Jimmy and has his own show on Sirius XM with his wife Bonnie McFarlane, My Wife Hates Me. 
Sober somewhere around the 30 year mark, Vos is a big believer in meetings... And Nicorette, lots and lots of Nicorette.   


Episode 17: Dan Soder

October 2, 2016
Dan Soder is a hilarious stand up comedian. He has a Comedy Central half hour, an hour, a regular show on SiriusXM, The Bonfire and is a recurring character on Billions, on Showtime. 
All of this despite some awful tragedies when he was growing up. Dan's dad died from Cirrhosis of the Liver, like his father before him and his father before him. Despite dire warnings from his family, Dan battled his own addiction with alcohol before giving it up completely. 

Episode 16: Feeling The Johnson

September 15, 2016

Owen is "Feeling The Johnson" and is planning to vote for the Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson, for the President of the United States. We talk about his plan to decriminalize drugs and how decriminalization has worked for Portugal since they implemented it 15 years ago.

Here are the links for videos and articles we discussed this episode: